Saturday, August 6, 2011

Steps 1 thru 12 Recap

Getting/Keeping Church Kids 

In obedience to scripture’s ‘Let all things be done decently and in order’ (1Cor 14:40) we need to see where we are and how to orderly lead others. I’d remind you of the responsibility that each of us has to teach others all the wonders of God’s provision. That makes our feet beautiful. Right?

The past 12 or so posts include Tech Trash Evangelism©, Website Ona Wall©, and Flour Powered Computing©, and comprise most of the DISCIPLING part of my ministry resources. The other arm of my ministry (library, actually) is defined as DIRECTION. We'll begin some exciting Bible based threads in this area soon.

DISCIPLING and DIRECTION are the arms of ‘Evangelism Computing’© (EC). Please notice the order of the two words… ‘Evangelism’ comes before (law of first mention) the word ‘Computing’. EC is unique and may need to be explained to those you share these totally free resources with.

1. EC IS NOT the worldwide practice of using technology as media/production tools for creating/presenting resources to propagate one’s faith. These are ADMINISTRATIVE efforts and are not a direct part of EC goals.
2. A crude distinction might be made that if you HAVE TO plug in the technology and KNOW HOW to use it, more than likely your efforts are NOT EC. EC works just as well in a jungle of trees or preschool kids as it does in any classroom or senior citizen’s group on the planet.

You may want to download the eBook, Dynamite Pete. He’ll show you how God uses very special missionaries. Dynamite believes every breathing person should be burdened and busy telling others about Jesus Christ and the depth of His love.

Step 1 – Our all sufficient guidebook is the Bible (all of it) as promised in 2nd Tim 3:16, 17
Step 2 – God’s power to change nature (even time itself) proves He’s still in control .
Step 3 – God’s deep love for children and Satan’s dirty tricks against them.
Step 4 – Be sensitive to the NEEDS of others, not just what we WANT them to have.
Step 5 – Good Bible teaching makes more teachers who will teach others 2nd Tim 2:2.
Step 6 – Sharing God’s love can even be done effectively with junk… sometimes better.
Step 7 – God gives us the better design of feet… and His plan for us.
Step 8 – God gives us the better design of eyes… watch others in love and compassion.
Step 9 – Preschoolers can design websites, but silver-haired hugs make it even better.
Step 10 – Accountability must be a part of our use of God’s provisions. SpaceGate.
Step 11 – Harvest in God’s fields only comes with tears. Psalms 126:6.
Step 12 – Creating missionary tools with cardboard, flour, and water. Flour Power.

Have you noticed the importance of dogs in the ‘Passover’ plague in Egypt. Most shallow Christians just skip over the goodies from God, as though they deserve them or are too busy to praise Him for His mercy and grace. Notice why the dogs didn’t bark at the Israelites in such a dreadful time in history. Make a difference. Be a difference. Exodus 11:7

Change YOUR barking into Believing and make your actions show it.
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