Thursday, August 18, 2011

Step 1 - The Guidebook

Getting/Keeping Church Kids
I don’t intend to talk down to anyone but the solution is really quite simple and even less costly. It involves understanding what the word “all” means. Now wait, I’m serious… Let me give you a couple sentences the word is used in. Open your Bible and look how the word “all” is used.  Now if you don’t believe the Bible is inspired, and God didn’t mean what He preserved in 2nd Timothy 3:16, then our discussion is done and Satan has won a fantastic victory over the church. It says ALL SCRIPTURE. That means from Gen to Rev. That’s where we can get our direction, our rules, our building blocks that God will build on.

Let’s use the word in another sentence. Find our word “ALL” in the very next verse. The verse tells us “throughly furnished unto ALL good work”.  Now that ALL would also include singing, digging a well, or computing; for our church, for work, family, and for God-honoring entertainment.

The published manual for my favorite database program has 1293 pages and still has a cd for stuff left out, in the back of the book. There is also a page that gives a website to get the latest updates and errors found in the book.

I look in the back of my KJV and I don’t have any CD or any error correction website… I don’t need it. See, ya have to understand that the same One that put the rainbow in the sky, named all the stars, and keeps count of the hairs on your head, also gave us computers. Don’t take my word for it. John will tell ya.(1:3) His best job is the one He’s placed between our ears.

So let’s do this line upon line  all  decently and in order… Is 28:10 and 1Cor 14:40.