Thursday, August 11, 2011

Step 8 - Eyes

Step 8  - Eyes
With a junk computer on display in front of you, ask a group of youth, “Ok. How many eyes does a mouse have?” Someone in the back kiddingly will blurt out, “Two eyes, one mouth, four feet, and one tail.” You narrow the question, “No. I mean a computer mouse.” The group turns silent as a graveyard. Pointing at random listeners you ask, “Do you know that every computer mouse, that uses a rubber ball, has two eyes that actually work? One eye senses when we move the mouse forward and backward. The other eye tells the computer when we move the mouse left and right.” Having already removed the small screw and opening the mouse cover, you say, “It’s true. These mouse eyes are more correctly called photoelectric eyes. Some years ago we used them to open doors etc.”

With serious eye contact and a bit of a sad tone you tell them, “It’s almost sad though. These mouse eyes aren’t able to see the wonderful things of God’s universe. Eagles can see much farther than humans. Cats can see much better in darkness. Fish can see clearly under water. Some lizards can see in different directions at the same time. Spiders have eight eyes… But you know what?”   

Your description continues to captivate the young audience, “Do you know the best part? God loves each of us so much, He reserved the best eye design for you and I. Unlike a computer we can read God’s precious Word anytime we want to. We can experience the colors of a sunset or rainbow. I especially like to see a smile come on the face of a person that realizes that Someone truly loves them, just the way they are. Our precious God has given us eyes to watch out for our friends and encourage them to not set their eyes on things that would ruin their testimony.

King David that killed the giant wrote good advice for us in Psalms 101;

“I will set no wicked thing before my eyes.”

The best part is that God has promised to those who’ve invited Him into their heart and become saved, He’ll give them an even better pair of eyes. Those eyes will come with a whole new body designed to enjoy their Savior in Heaven forever more.

This is only one of many many lessons using computer junk in non-technical ways to share one’s faith. There are at least six of them for the computer mouse alone. This is a lesson  that youth can teach other youth. Hint: that’s how missionaries get started.

Note: With any of the junk items, wash hands often and be cautious against sharp edges.

Psalms 71:18