Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Step 3 - Warning !!

Getting/Keeping Church Kids

God has favorites and so does Satan.

Before we move into detailed strategy, I hasten to add a couple warnings.

1. God has some favorites and you must tread lovingly or else dire consequences could come your way. The Bible makes it very clear that Jesus has a very special place in His heart for children. We must guard our words and actions toward them, honoring God and His love and power in their hearing. I can think of a verse that indicates that children have a guardian angel continually standing before God’s throne. We must also guard ourselves and how our testimony is seen by them.

2. Satan has favorites too. His favorite methods to disarm and discourage God’s people were used against Nehemiah and the Jerusalem wall builders (Neh 4-6). They included: Mockery, conspiracy, extortion, compromise, slander, and treachery. Guess what. He’s better at his favorite dirty tricks than he was in Nehemiah’s day.

Whether it’s using a telescope, microscope, stethoscope, or following God’s marching orders, the process is simple… keep your focus on the goal and trust God’s power that created the heavens and every heartbeat.
- - -
Let’s recap where we’ve come so far…

Step 1 tells us God has provided the ultimate how-to manual bursting with lighthouse principles we can use to guide and protect our youth (and their parents also).

Step 2 reminds us of God’s power to make time and a way for you to speak to young fearful hearts of His matchless love to be shared. He hears little prayers and will change the nature of things if He wants to.

Step 3 contains serious warnings about consistent respect for little ones and the ever present weapons of satan and his followers.