Sunday, August 7, 2011

Step 12 - Flour Powered Computing

Getting/Keeping Church Kids

Kids discipling younger generations with cardboard.

Flour Powered Computing is a zero-budget non-technical program for preteens discipling preschoolers with the help of silver haired folks.

Cardboard Computing
The program makes computer replicas for learning how to share Gods love and provision. Flour Powered Computing’s powerful feature is the merging of youth and the silver haired generation and their intense desire to participate with young children.

Cardboard, flour, and water are used to make:

1. Darla Desktop Computers,
2. Cinnamon Flour Mice,
3. Palmer Pocket PCs,
4. Larry Laptop Computers

The replicas can be used in all sorts of displays at school or church. But above all they are built by children at no cost. They are incredibly powerful missionary tools to be used in Africa, Australia, Austria, or your very own backyard computer fair.

Actual directions with stories are at

Psalms 71:18