Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Step 9 - W.O.W. Preschoolers

Getting/Keeping Church Kids
It wears me out just watching my grandchildren burn up energy like the space shuttle. If we are to do great things for God, (because He’s done incredible things for us) we need plenty of energy.

Think big, attempt big things (certainly with prayer).

How about we teach preschoolers how to create a website? Let’s use a bunch of that energy for the great commission before they can even tie their shoes or dress themselves. Well, it’s super easy and an activity the silver-haired set with lots of hugs left over can do without fear. Here’s how.

W.O.W. actually stands for “Website Ona Wall”©.

With lots of crayons (or markers) and paper have the preschoolers draw several pictures each about a particular topic. Maybe a boy likes different trucks or trees. A preschool girl might like to draw a group of pictures of rooms in her house, or different dolls, or pretty places she’s visited.

Someone else might draw pictures of a mom and dad they wish they had, that hug each other and are often saying ‘I love you’ to each other instead of yelling. There might be a boy with not so fancy clothes that would draw different kinds of good tasty food he never sees in his mom’s refrigerator.

Take one person’s group of pictures at a time and paste/tape them to a wall, poster board, or refrigerator box. Give them a chance to explain each picture.

Show them how to create a ‘home page’ to be placed in the upper left of their group. Their home page would have drawn some pretend buttons for each one of the other pictures in their group. With some help have them cut some pieces of bright colored yarn that will reach from each home page button to its corresponding webpage. Tape each end of the yarn pieces to simulate a hyperlink or ‘jump’ as needed.

The children get to do some computer website programming on their level. They learn to do their best with their ‘Website Ona Wall’ because others are watching.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of W.O.W.

With all the children working together make a WOW of their church. One child draws a picture of the pastor, another choir director, piano player, janitor, trustee etc. It would be possible to take a photograph of each of these church staff and tape them near each of the children’s pictures. Teach the children how important it is to pray for each worker in the church. Everyone in the church has a job they can honor God with their efforts. Even preschoolers.

Now for the older children, have them create a WOW website of the attributes of Jesus Christ. Do you have any in your church that would know how to design a WOW of the different areas of your neighborhood that probably have never heard of the love for them written in blood? 

Psalms 71:18
‘Website Ona Wall’ is copyrighted by Work.Space Programming.
Permission is given to store, translate, duplicate, or share without charge or change.