Saturday, August 13, 2011

Step 6 - Just Junk

Getting/Keeping Church Kids - Just Junk

I’ve found beginning with computer junk is an easy start. In your neighborhood or church youth group announce you’re going to literally tear up a few computers, and that you’ll supply the screwdrivers and pizza or burgers. All you need are a couple helpers for an hour – nothing complicated – no strings attached.

As the parts are being removed and put in respective piles call attention to the difference in the parts. There’s no need to use technical terms or brain surgery comments, Maybe display an assortment of the different kinds of wires and cables it takes to operate a computer system.
The lesson to be repeated clearly is the DIVERSITY of wiring (as just one of many examples) yet they all act as a team. Each is designed with specific tasks in mind. Is one wire more important than the other? No. Not any more than the players on a football team or in the school marching band.
Carry the diversity lesson over to God’s people. We are all different for reasons God knows best. We are given a good diversity amid teamwork in 1st Corinthians 12:11-25 and other references.

1. When delving inside a computer make certain it is not and cannot be plugged in.
2. Use caution with metal parts that probably have sharp edges.
3. Store the parts for important uses later.
4. It’s wise to wash hands often and refrain from immediate thumb-sucking.

Psalms 71:18

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