Monday, August 8, 2011

Step 11 - Moves Me to Tears

Getting/Keeping Church Kids

The Challenge We Have Before Us Is To See How:

Youth IDOLize technology = Preschoolers are addicted to technology long before they can spell their name or dress themselves. Thumb Games do little toward physical or spiritual maturity. Girls spend hours upon hours on the cell phone each day.

Parents feel helpless against technology = Homework requires technology but parents refuse to have computers (particularly) in the house. And yet TV prime time shows regularly show African nudity and garbage-gruesome Saturday morning cartoons. And what about the endless sports and soaps? Do parents have a double standard?

Seniors feel left out and left behind = To them technology is like a different language. Yet they still have morals for maturity and time to give a listen. How can they still be part of the Great Commission?

Churches are making technology a critical tool = God has let me program computers for 3 decades and calibrate 7 different kinds of guided missiles but I still can’t fathom the depths of church technology.

New church curriculum, new tech, but old themes = Print On Demand publishing of books is super simple and affordable, but old cowboy and ancient dinosaur themes are still used, with absolutely nothing about God-honoring use of technology included.

Technology is never taught or preached = I believe God won’t fully bless the use of technology without teaching its God-honoring use from scripture. The pulpit seems content with doing nothing more than slamming the portions of technology they’re not using. Either the pulpit works to a double technology standard or they don’t care about seeing what scriptural truths are promised by 2 Tim 3:16, 17.

Conferences show church attendance downtrend = Before God I state I’ve had to leave church-planting conferences early to keep from screaming out loud as church leaders use powerful technology but not indicating any of the many wonderful principles simply taught in God’s Word.

You’ns let me know how we’re doin’.

Psalms 71:18